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The Ready-Set-Go! Program is a nationally recognized program that Fire Safe Sonoma is adapting to the needs of Sonoma County. Fire Safe Sonoma and the Sonoma County Fire Chief’s Association collaboratively established this program in 2019. In November 2019, PG&E provided $50,000 to fund printing of Ready Set Go! booklets in English and Spanish and to develop wildland safety content messages deliverable through social media and in-person events.

The Ready, Set, Go! (RSG), program educates residents about proactive measures to take before a wildfire, or other emergency, and actions to follow when communities are threatened. The program’s three tenets encourage Sonoma County residents to get READY by preparing now for what threatens their community, to be SET by maintaining awareness of significant danger and to GO, evacuate immediately when the danger is current and life threatening.

 Check out “Ready, Set, GO!” on our Youtube channel here.


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