Countless communities, homes, and lives have been lost in California due to disastrous wildfires over the past several years and this trend is likely to continue.

Much of Sonoma County is considered by CAL FIRE to be a High Fire Severity area or a Very High Fire Severity Area, which means YOUR home is likely to be more susceptible to wildfire. It’s not a question of IF it will happen, but WHEN. Will your home survive when a wildfire strikes?

Having a home assessment done is one of the first steps you can take to make sure your property’s structures are as resilient as can be when a wildland fire approaches.

Fire Safe Sonoma is offering FREE home assessments to qualifying “low income” households to help you be proactive in protecting your family and property and to make sure our community doesn’t become another statistic. Trained assessors working with Fire Safe Sonoma will perform a step-by-step walk-through of your property with you on-site and provide guidance, tips, and resources to educate you about areas in and around your home that are more vulnerable to wildfire.

This is a free public service targeted toward “low-income” households (as defined below) and is brought to you by Fire Safe Sonoma as part of its Wildland Fire Assessment Program (WFAP) with funding from The County of Sonoma.

Persons in household per amount of combined household income
1  –   $ 63,650.00
2  –   $ 72,750.00
3 –    $ 81.850.00
4 –    $ 90,900.00
5 –    $ 98,200.00
6 –    $105,000.00
7 –    $112,750.00
8 –    $120,000.00

If you qualify, CLICK HERE to get on the list. Act fast because there are a limited number of assessments available.

Information and recommendations that assessors provide to residents are based on established mitigation practices and do not enforce any codes or standards.

If you have any suggestions for future webinar content, feel free to contact us through our contact page.

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